FICA Festival is presented to the media

Presentación oficial del Festival Internacional de Cine de Atletismo en San Sebastián.
Fica noticia presentación

This morning the FICA Festival, the International Athletics Film Festival, was presented in San Sebastian. The presentation of this new festival has been held at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastian.

But, what is FICA? FICA is a cultural, sporting and cinematographic event that aims to promote the culture of athletics. It is a project to “socialize athletics beyond the tracks”, as commented by Juantxo Sabadie, Director of the FICA Festival.

FICA Festival will take place from November 6 to 10, 2018 as the venue of the Main Theater of San Sebastian. There will also be screenings and discussions at the Amaia Cultural Center and Ficoba in Irún.

At the press conference, in addition to the organization of the FICA Festival, representatives of some of the institutions that support the event: Jon Insausti (Councilor for Culture of the San Sebastian City Council) and Iñaki Iturrioz (Head of the Sports Service of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa).

“FICA is the only Worldwide Athletics Film Festival”

FICA Festival proposes a format with 2 different sections for lovers of athletics and cinema. The first consists of exhibition films chosen by the steering committee. The second, section is the contest of audiovisual projects with the theme of athletics in which anyone can participate as a participant or spectator and jury.

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FICA Festival

FICA Festival


Nazioarteko Atletismo Film Festibala
Festival Internacional de Cine de Atletismo
International Athletics Film Festival