Programme 2019

The FICA Festival will be focused on a different athletic theme each day.Contestants from different sections may show their work to try to win the “Gold Achilles.” 

Throughout the festival, you can attend viewings and then rate them. This score will be decisivefor winning the Achilles award.

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Inauguration + Tribute to Yago Lamela
Monday, November 4
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Award of Honorary Achilles to Paul Tergat + IAAF Day
Tuesday, November 5
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Tribute to Glasgow medallists
Wednesday, November 6
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Tribute to Paralympic athletes
Thursday, November 7
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Women and Athletics + Tribute to Carmen Valero
Friday, November 8
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Closing ceremony
Saturday, November 9
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Nazioarteko Atletismo Film Festibala
Festival Internacional de Cine de Atletismo
International Athletics Film Festival


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