Tuesday 5th November


Each day of the FICA Festival will be focused on a different theme within athletics. Short films, mediumlegth films and feature films presented in a competitive competition for the “Aquiles” trophy (Gold, Silver and Bronze), in addition to the “Aquiles” category U23.

During the days of the festival you can attend the screenings to, later, assess them and give a score that will be decisive in btaining the winner of the popular jury prize.

Tuesday 5th, November 2019
10am | Reception
Reception for Paul Tergat at the Provincial Council Building
Place: Diputación
Tuesday 5th, November 2019
Tuesday 5th, November 2019
12 pm | Fica School cinema Sessions
Tuesday 5th, November 2019
Tuesday 5th, November 2019​
7 pm | IAAF Day:
AWARD OF HONORARY ACHILLES to Paul Tergat in Teatro Principal.
Screening IAAF documentary 26’.
Screenings FICA Competition 80’.
Symposium: Martín Fiz, Antonio Serrano and Paulo Guerra.
Tuesday 5th, November 2019​
Tuesday 5th, November 2019
10 pm | Fiesta IAAF:
IAAF party (90 guests).
Tuesday 5th, November 2019

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Nazioarteko Atletismo Film Festibala
Festival Internacional de Cine de Atletismo
International Athletics Film Festival


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