Fiz. Puro Maratón

  • Year: 2013
  • Directed by: Rodrigo Moro
  • Produced by: Oihana Olea, Alex Calabuig, Jose Luis Garay (Altube Filmeak)
  • Country: Spain
  • Duration: 72'
  • Genre: Documentary
FICA Festival Peliculas fiz puro maraton


Martín Fiz– world and European champion and winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports – embodies all of a sportsperson’s admirable qualities: tireless worker, he is an example of pride and betterment.

Forged from childhood in the extremely harsh cross-country races of the Basque Country and having suffered countless obstacles in his career, Martin made it to the very pinnacle of world marathon running. A tale of successes, but also of failures and let-downs.  Fiz. Puro maratóntakes us into the world of long-distance running in its most legendary, demanding and best-known race: the marathon. A trial as hard as life, as the life of Martin himself. In the documentary, the champion’s sporting achievements become the backdrop for the story of a humble and simple person.

Martín has achieved something far more exceptional than a long list of medals: he has succeeded in spreading, with his example, values such as honesty, solidarity, humanity and the ability to make sacrifice.

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