Mujeres Que Corren

  • Year: 2017
  • Directed by: Cristina Mitre
  • Produced by: La Caña Brothers
  • Country: Spain
  • Duration: 58' 19"
  • Genre: Documentary
FICA Festival Peliculas Mujeres que corren


Why are there so many more male than female runners in Spain. Why is it not like in the USA, where 58% of the runners are women? Despite the boom currently being enjoyed by this sport, voices still ask whether the rising participation of women in races is only a passing fashion. Why do more women not run in Spain?

The reason is simply a historical matter. For more than 30 years, women were “advised against” athletics due to it being an “exhibitionist and masculinizing” sport. Mujeres que corren offers an X-ray of the rights earned by women thanks to the power of their running shoes. It (re)discovers the female pioneers of the sport as well as the women runners of today. Women from very different periods, with widely varying personal and professional backgrounds, but who have something in common: running made them free.

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