What is FICA Festival?

It is the only International Film Festival focused on athletic culture, a meeting place to recover memories and exchanges of projects, using the world of cinema as an interlocutor.

This International Athletics Film Festival aims to offer a vision of athletics, local, state, international. Using images dusting and collecting all the information, experiences and history told by the protagonists themselves to make it a meeting place for the great family of the athletics for a few days in San Sebastian.

"We are going to tell stories of Athletics in images with the protagonists themselves".

Where is FICA Festival?

Fica San Sebastian

FICA Festival is located in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. During the whole year, San Sebastian harbors many events. One of those events is one of the most important Film Festivals on an international level.  

A sports city full of culture and passionate of cinema. Great athletes have come out of this city and territory. 

Fica Festival 2019


This year, due to the pandemic, there will be no face-to-face event, except for the closure. We will keep you informed.

Nazioarteko Atletismo Film Festibala
Festival Internacional de Cine de Atletismo
International Athletics Film Festival


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